Offer you a quiet walk, on foot or to bicycle, only or in family... play areas for the children and picnic areas, the beach to tan, rivers to go fishing and magnificent moments with piece of mind ! In the course of your visits, you will encounter cross riders and walkers in the shaded alleys of the forest of Coat-Loch. And if you feel like it, the tennis court is not far...

At Bannalec, people combine the sea and the countryside in all its hues ! 

Equipments of leisure activities near
(The number in black expresses the distance in km )


1: Sea
2: Beach
3: Sailing lessons
4: River fishing
5: Tennis
6: Swimming pool
7: Rambling
8: Golf
9: Horse riding
10: Language spoken, animals y/n

flechnoire From April to September, Bann'Anim organizes every Thursday from 7:45 p.m. trips hiking.

flechnoire Sculpture and painting lessons - Catherine WARNIS

flechnoire Local market